December 11, 2015

Call Centre

EMKambo has a working Call Centre   which is used to transmit agriculture knowledge and information through voice calls. KTA  has  established  a  Call  Centre  which  comprises  of  sixteen  mobiles lines, (Econet, Telecel and Netone), that are used to inform various value chain players about agricultural markets and  commodities  traded  in  those  markets.  Farmers  and  traders  and other value chain actors all  over  the  country interact  via  the  call  centre, making  enquiries  about  daily  prices  and  the  prevailing demand and supply of certain commodities among other issues.

Evidence from major produce markets in Harare (Mbare and Lusaka), Mutare (Sakubva&Chipangano), Bulawayo (Malaleni&Shasha), Gweru (Kudzanayi&Kombayi), Kwekwe and Masvingo (Tafara&Garikayi) indicates a massive opportunity for leveraging agriculture information through mobile technology.  Among farmers and agriculture stakeholders, a new force rooted in new tools and practices built on and around the mobile phone is rising alongside the old system of capital intensive broadcast communication in Zimbabwe.  After years of being treated like passive subjects of marketing and manipulation, farmers and traders are discovering their new power and want to be heard. Networked voices are reviving social and business conversations as agriculture stakeholders share insights through mobile phones and the internet. Farmers, traders, agro-dealers and other agricultural value chain actors are hungering for meaningful connections through which they can understand agriculture as a business and decide for themselves, thus the call centre.
The eMKambo call centre provides:

-Assistance to farmers on what to plant using the Zimbabwe Crop Calendar and the demand and supply information which we gather daily from the markets across Zimbabwe.

-Information on the Current Market prices for produces using our daily price trackers from markets all over Zimbabwe.

-Sourcing produces for Companies from farmers, traders, agro-dealers, etc.

-Linking farmers, traders and agro-dealers to the markets where they can sell their goods

Our call centre numbers are: (263) 771859000-5, (263) 716331140-5, (263) 739866343-6