December 15, 2015

Gweru – Kudzanai Agriculture Market

Before independence, people in Gweru used to market agro produce at Pamakaranga market, now known as Kudzanai Market. During that time there were only 21 stalls. Agro retailers started to occupy the Kudzanai bus terminus to market their produce. The area developed since then and now the Kudzanai market is accomodating 300 people; 210 females and 90 males registered with Gweru City Council. The market tradespotatoes, tomatoes, onions, butternuts, carrots, covo, cabbages, rape, apples, green beans,roundnuts, beans and groundnuts, dried capenta (matemba), soya mince, only to mention a few.

Gweru lies within the savannah agro ecological Region 2 with rainfall averaging 700mm distributed between November and April. The soils are predominantly medium sandy loams. The main crops are maize and groundnuts. Cattle ranching is also practiced in Gweru. There is a big irrigation scheme called Insukamini. Irrigation is done intensively and produces horticultural products for example tomatoes, onions, rape.