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eMKambo Consultancy

Market-oriented consultancy and research services to businesses and organisations involved in agriculture and value chain industries.

Agric-Markets Value Chain Analysis

We provide whole range of goods and services necessary for an agricultural product to move from the farm to the final customer or consumer.

eMKambo Perishable finance

eMKambo offers a range of agriculture loans for traders in the Market to meet the cost of working capital and allied activities.

Agric- Content Generation and Software Development

eMKambo have a highly qualified team which works on creating and maintaining agriculture related web, mobile and desktop applications.

Knowledge Centre

Creating and managing agricultural knowledge resources, including the analysis and modelling of diverse data sets relevant to management of the produce markets.

eMKambo Bulk SMS

Assists agric- value chain actors e.g input suppliers, agro dealers, buyers of commodities, transporters among other service provides to broadcast messages to facilitate their business.

eMKambo Call Centre

Comprises of 16 mobiles lines (Econet, Telecel and Netone) used to inform various value chain players about agricultural markets status.

Mobile Application

The mobile application avails to share agriculture information and knowledge (content) through mobile smart phones.

About Us

With knowledge creation KTA organises and processes information in order to generate new knowledge through organisational learning.
KTA's flagship initiative is known as eMkambo

The word Mkambo refers to market in isiNdebele language. It has the same connotation in the Shona language though in Shona, the word Musika commonly refers to the market One of the challenges facing Zimbabwean agriculture and rural development is lack of reliable, usable and timely information, evidence and knowledge for effective decision making. A significant part of the available information is either out-dated or dispersed in various institutions, people and environments. When projects and programmes by various NGOs, private sector players and other development organisations come to an end, in most instances, there is no clear mechanism for the knowledge that was gathered to be handed over and inform new initiatives. In addition, competition rather than collaboration among organisations in the same sector works against knowledge sharing.

Management Team

Our team comprises of specialists in Agriculture economics- Data analysis-Food technologies- Information technology-Marketing -Research and development -Banking and Finance
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Chief Rain Maker
Knowledge Sharing and Management Specialist with more than 10 years experience working with farmer organizations ,Community Based organizations ,NGO’s,government departments and international organizations .
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Clever mukove

Business Development Manager
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Tafadzwa Makumbe

Finance Administrator

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by Charles Dhewa

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As agricultural niches become congested and highly competitive, evidence-based decision making has never been so important. It is against these trends that eMKambo ( will be conducting a series of master classes to answer the following questions:

  1. How can farmers and other value chain actors set prices for their commodities without passing through a complex web of intermediaries? From price takers to price setters.
  2. How can new value chain actors by-pass hurdles and insert themselves in existing value chains and ecosystems?
  3. How can smallholder farmers and other value chain actors build self-sufficiency?
  4. How can farmers enter and exit contract farming models towards self-sufficiency?
  5. How can digital technologies be used to harness the competitive intelligence dispersed among diverse value chain actors?

Register for eMKambo Masterclasses – First Session :

NB : Registration has begun and the Masterclasses will commence in early September in Harare. Each half-day session costs $30/participant to cover facilitation, venue and refreshments. Details about the venue and specific dates will be given to those who will have registered.  If interested, we will provide you bank details and other ways of making payments.   From the topics provided, feel free to prioritize and indicate those you are interested in.

For more information and bookings, get in touch through the following channels:  – +263 772 137 717  – +263 772 137 768 – + 263 779732279